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New Eco-Friendly Kitchen Items

New Eco-Friendly Kitchen Items


With a new decade comes new thinking about the future, and one of the things we’re being asked about a lot lately is eco-friendly products.  So, we’re happy to highlight some of the handy new items we now have in store to help make accomplishing your environmental goals easier.


  • On-the-Go Bags by LeMarche (from $14.95 each) Do you often find yourself making unplanned grocery pit-stops, and then feeling guilty that you forgot your cloth grocery bags? We’ve got your solution. Le Marche bags stuff down to a tiny size (far smaller than typical cloth grocery bags), are machine washable and come in several colours. While you can use them to carry your groceries out, you can also use them while in the grocery store – to avoid messing with those extra-thin plastic produce bags too.  Stash them conveniently in your jacket, purse or glove compartment, and never be caught without them.


  • Bowl Covers (from $22.95 for set of 2):  We love these!  Instead of fussing with annoying, disposable plastic cling wrap, these bowl covers are far easier to use, not to mention machine washable and reusable.  They also come in a variety of sizes, including those big enough for baking dishes. You’ll see that they right over the bowl, giving you more reliable coverage than plastic too, especially if someone (no, not you!) ends up stacking something on top of the bowl.


  • Swedish Dishcloths (from $7.99 each): A store favourite for years, these Swedish dishcloths are made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers, meaning they are 100 percent natural and compostable. They’ll also help you cut back on synthetic sponges and expensive paper towel. We love the ever-changing stylish patterns too, and think they make a great hostess gifts!


  • Zoku Pocket Straws (from $12.95 each): Everywhere you go, restaurants are eliminating plastic straws. This is great, but it can be awkward using mushy paper straws or going without when you drink is full of ice. This straw can “telescope” itself up to 9 inches long to fit any sized glass and includes its own slender cleaning brush, both of which fit neatly inside its elegant little case,  which even has a handy loop for your keys.  It’s also BPA and phthalate free.


As we all think about the future, it’s nice to know a few little changes can make a big difference over time. Please let us know if there’s anything you’re looking for, and what you think of these items too.  Store owner Natalie Ireland is off on a purchasing tour this week, and is bound to find many exciting new things…so stay tuned!



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