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Our Team

Alison Clark, Customer Relations

Alison comes to us all the way from Scotland with a very diverse background that includes oil and gas technology and financial services. Having lived in many international locales, Alison resides in the community of Britannia today and was a loyal customer before joining our team. Along her journeys, she became very savvy with home decorating and hosting dinner parties to get to know the neighbours. Her favourite aspects of the job are assisting customers and displaying the ever-changing merchandise. When not in the store, she is quite an athlete - running, x-country skiing, hiking and playing tennis. She also enjoys experimenting with acrylic paint.


Hayley Tascona, Customer Relations

A native Calgarian with a background in home décor and kitchen wares, Hayley focuses on providing top notch customer service. But her skills also extend to keeping our website updated, social media accounts active and merchandising ideas fresh. What she most enjoys about her job is the staff camaraderie, the inviting atmosphere, and ever-changing merchandise. “No one day is ever the same!” she says, which explains her wonderfully positive outlook.




Elinor Wilson, Customer Relations

We are proud to have a real Briton at Britannia, all the way from London, England! Elinor is an avid home chef and baker who loves to entertain guests at home, making her a great resource for customers. She genuinely loves working at Britannia, being surrounded by the latest kitchen wares, and helping customers find just the right products for their entertaining needs. She is also an amazing cake decorator who can even sing opera – but you’ll have to ask her if she can do both at once!




Jo-Anne Wolach, Customer Relations

Jo-Anne hails from Morrisberg, Ontario and attained a degree in Hotel and Food Administration. She then went on to roles in product development for major food brands, and worked as a teacher, delivering “Farm to Table” programming to elementary schools. Jo-Anne was a long-standing loyal customer of Britannia before joining our team, and says she loves the “friendly staff, customers and small-town atmosphere.” She is also an avid x-country skier and is involved on the sport’s provincial and national boards.



Nick Ireland, Customer Relations

While he enjoys eating food more than cooking it, he's obsessed with keeping our inventory straight by solving discrepancies and checking in our new products.  While a student at Mount Royal University, he works with the team on a part time basis both in the store helping customers and in the back monitoring shipments and working on our bookkeeping.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with friends, video games, and he plays a mean game of cribbage.



Natalie Ireland, President

Originally from Trenton, Ontario, Natalie is a CPA who worked as a Controller and Chief Financial Officer for various large corporations before purchasing and taking the helm of Britannia Kitchen & Home in 2017. Her key strengths are leadership, diligence, listening, and self-reliance, and she is brilliant in dealing with all kinds of people. Natalie enjoys the opportunity Britannia Kitchen & Home gives her to feel connected to the community, work with her carefully-chosen staff, discover the latest products and collaborate with other local merchants. She is also a proud mother and capable cook.



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