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2021 Top 10 Stocking Stuffer List

2021 Top 10 Stocking Stuffer List

Each year we put together a list of staff picks for stocking stuffer ideas to help you with your shopping list. They have to fit into a stocking, and they are products that we love and would like to find in our own stockings.  It’s always hard to choose but our staff has fun with the process.


  1. Modern Sprout Tiny Terracotta Planter Kit - These little planter kits are great for adults and children alike. The kit includes everything you’ll need to start growing.  They also make great hostess or teacher gifts. $19.95/ea (Natalie)
  2. Thymes Fraser Fir Votive CandleThis has been on our list for the past several years. There’s nothing like Thymes Frasier Fir products to bring that wonderful woodsy smell to the home.  Who doesn’t need a little cozy comfort this year? $22.95/ea (Hayley)
  3. Michel Designs Foaming Soap – The beautiful packaging catches the eye and the fragrances are heavenly. There are loads of scents to choose from including a few seasonal favourites.  $18.95 (Wendy & Elinor)
  4. Moncillo Dryer Ball Spray –Simply spray it on your dryer balls and you get a refreshing scent added to your laundry. Plant based and not tested on animals. $20.95 (Alison)
  5. Victorinox Paring Knives – These knives are super sharp and a favourite amongst our customers. They come in straight edge or serrated, pointy tip or rounded.  The brightly coloured handles make it easy to find in a drawer.  $11-$12/ea (Elinor)
  6. Sole Surfer Foot File by Microplane – this is a staff favourite. Get rid of calluses and dry skin quickly and easily leaving feet smooth and refreshed. Currently available in-store only. $21.95/ea (Jo)
  7. Cocoba Hot Chocolate Bombe – These tasty gems are a treat for any hot chocolate lover. Slowly pour over hot milk and watch the ball melt away.   $7.99/ea (Alison)
  8. Stasher Pocket Sized Bags – Stasher is the revolutionary alternative to plastic bags. Made from high grade silicone, we love these little bags for storing things in your purse or travel bag like vitamins, lip balms, keys or loyalty cards. They do a great job of heping keep things organized and are food safe like all their other sized bags.  $22.95/ea  (Natalie)
  9. Soap on the Go – A second product from Michel Design Works to make the list this year. Soap to Go is a pack of tiny bar soaps in a metal tin.  Keep it in your travel bag and you’ll have a luxurious little bar of soap in your hotel room or AirBnB. $14.95/ea (Natalie)
  10. Joe & Seph’s Caramel Sauce – New this year, these little jars contain pure joy. Perfect with ice cream, cakes and fruit but you may find yourself standing at the fridge with a spoon.   $11.99/ea (Wendy)

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