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ZWILLING Enfinigy Coffee Grinder

$210.00 $169.99

What an aroma: Coffee enjoyment begins with the grind. The ZWILLING ENFINIGY coffee grinder was designed so that you can immediately enjoy the perfect aroma. At the heart of the kitchen appliance is its high-quality stainless steel conical grinder. This allows you to gently grind coffee beans so that the coffee retains its full flavour.
And so that you always get the ideal coffee grind, you can adjust the stainless steel grinder to 140 grind sizes. This allows you to grind your coffee finely adjusted to the bean and preparation method, such as French press, hand filter or espresso. And with an individual cup number setting, you can portion the desired amount for one to 12 cups.

Naturally, the electric coffee grinder is compatible with the ZWILLING ENFINIGY Drip Coffee Maker. The filter holder fits perfectly beneath the opening of the coffee bean grinder, allowing you to grind the powder directly into the filter and brew a delicious cup of fresh coffee. Also incredibly practical: Once the coffee has been ground, you can easily remove the receptacle and rinse it or place it in the dishwasher.

The design by Milan-based Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez impresses with its minimalistic, elegant timelessness. It complements the other kitchen appliances in the ZWILLING ENFINIGY series perfectly.

  • Aroma-preserving stainless steel conical grinder with low temperature development
  • 140 adjustable grind sizes for espresso, French press, filter coffee and more
  • Individual cup setting for 1 to 12 cups or pulse function for individual quantities
  • Grind directly into the filter of the ZWILLING ENFINIGY Drip Coffee Maker
  • Removable receptacle dishwasher-safe
  • Minimalistic design by Milan-based Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

Colour: Silver

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