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Staub Braiser Chistera 3.75L

$470.00 $349.99

The 28 cm multifunctional roasting pan from Staub comes with a lid featuring Staub’s unique 'Chistera drop structure'. The structure on the inside of the lid causes condensation to evenly drip back onto the cooking food ensuring that all the ingredients remain moist, aromatic and juicy. There is not need to frequently add water or other liquids when using this roasting pan. The multifunctional roasting pan is made of cast iron which makes it ideal for slow and gentle braising. Cast iron retains and distributes heat evenly ensuring exceptional cooking results. It is also very robust, scratch-resistant and hence very popular with renowned professional chefs, like Paul Bocuse. The roasting pan is 12.6 cm high with a capacity of 3.7 litres. Use the multifunctional roasting pan for frying or braising on any type of cooker as well as to continue cooking your dish in the oven. Slow-cooked meat dishes or delicious vegetable stews are sure to be an immediate success. Once dinner is cooked, you can use the roasting pan to serve it at the table. Stylishly serve gently braised delicacies full of flavour to your guests in this cherry-red multifunctional roasting pan from the Roasting pan series.

  • Made in France
  • Ideal for searing and slow cooking of meat, fish or vegetables
  • The matt black inner enamelling is ideal for particularly crisp searing and is especially durable
  • Suitable for all types of hobs, incl. induction, can also be used in the oven/grill
  • Requires no seasoning
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Oven safe up to 500F
  • Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended

Customer Reviews

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Wendy S.
Best pan ever!

I love my Staub Braiser Pan. It is everything and more. So much use from this pan, definitely not just for braising. This is definitely my go to pan. Thank you Staub for your execellent workmanship.

Staub Braiser 3.8l

Love this new addition to the kitchen. First use, made braised ribs. They melted in your mouth and they were perfectly tender. I can think of many uses for this pan, a good investment piece!

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