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Lakrids by Bulow 125g


A - The Original 

A - THE ORIGINAL was the first product developed when Johan Bülow had the original idea to coat liquorice with chocolate. People were at first skeptical about the idea, but the popular product A soon saw the light of day. The combination of sweet liquorice, exclusive milk chocolate and fine liquorice powder is according to many instantly addictive.

B - Passion Fruit

Sweet liquorice coated in exclusive white chocolate and persuasive passion fruit. The acidity of the passion fruit, the sweetness of the chocolate and the ability of the liquorice to unite these flavours gives a perfect bite. Sweet, sour and supreme – enclosed by a delicate, crunchy sugar shell.

Classic - Salty Caramel

Imagine sweet liquorice meeting smooth dulce chocolate. Now add a grain of crispy sea salt flakes just to tickle your taste buds. No wonder this became a CLASSIC.

Christmas - Butter Cookie

What is the essence of Christmas? In Denmark, it’s cinnamon. But mixed with caramelised white chocolate and crunchy butter caramel, you’ll taste butter cookies too. And when you get to the tiny heart of liquorice, Christmas angels are ready to sing.

Gold - Raspberry

Our GOLD edition unites the deep sweetness of white chocolate with the essence of fresh pink raspberries. The tiny core of liquorice brings depth while golden dust lights up the season.

D - Salt & Caramel

We should warn you, it is almost impossible to resist this winning combination of salted caramel and sweet liquorice. Lakrids D is a sweet liquorice covered in caramelized dulce chocolate – flavored with crunchy flakes of sea salt. Feisty and gentle at the same time. You simply can’t have just one. 

Fruity Caramel

Fall in love with the seductive combination of salty heart-shaped liquorice smothered in dulce chocolate with layers of fruity and pungent black currant and crunchy pieces of raw liquorice. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It's sure to leave your heart longing for more.





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