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Hinza Eco Bag - Small


The elegant Swedish design from the 1950s, in combination with fantastic usability, have resulted in the Hinza bags' huge popularity all over the world.

The tote bags are made of durable Green Plastic making them eco-friendly and can easily be cleaned over and over again. The Green Plastic contains "green" polyethylene bio-plastic, where sugar cane is used as a raw material instead of oil.

The list of potential uses is long:

  • Great shopping bags, perfect for packing your groceries or strolling markets.
  • In the garden as a tote for your gardening tools or to collect flowers.  
  • Beach bags or picnic bags - the Hinza bags are ideal as both. 
  • It is also great as a handbag, lunchbag, to pack for an outing or going to a pool party.
  • Ideal to use for stylish, practical storage in the home - for magazines, firewood or children's toys.
  • Manufactured in Sweden, in Hillerstorp.

GREEN PLASTIC - Made from sugarcane-based bioplastic.

Size: H: 38.5 cm. L: 32 cm. W: 15 cm. Volume: 7.5 litres. Max weight: 10 kg

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