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Zoku Cool Moji Ice Tray


Add ten extraordinary, lively emoticon ice to your next party’s punch bowl with Zoku’s Cool Moji Ice Tray or use for everyday ice. It’s sure to bring on a laugh! While filling and transporting the ice molds, the tray will keep it steady and prevent spills. Once frozen, remove the ice mold from the tray to easily invert the silicone, releasing the expressive faces—no rinsing required!

Includes: 10 Unique silicone emoticon shaped ice molds with 1 support tray
Care: Hand Wash
Capacity: About 1 fl. oz. each

How To

1. Fill molds with water and transfer with sturdy carrying tray
2. Freeze for 8+ hours
3. Remove silicone mold from carrying tray and push on the bottom of the molds to release ice—no rinsing required
4. Pour drink over Cool Moji ice

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