Royal Doulton Coffee Studio - Storage Jar

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Inspired by the relaxed vibe of a coffee bar, Royal Doulton's Coffee Studio collection is ideal for every coffee lover. This Storage Jar is a stylish and contemporary piece to store your favorite coffee beans and fill your home with the aroma of your local coffee shop. Finished in a partially dipped grey glaze design with an airtight seal, this jar will look great in any kitchen while perfectly preserving coffee beans, coffee grounds or tea. Packaged in a trendy kraft box with storage instructions, this Coffee Studio Storage Jar is the first step in making the perfect cup. Tip:It is important to keep the coffee as airtight as possible after opening. Ideally seal in its original pouch and then store in this airtight container.

Height: 14cm / 5.5"

Width: 11.9cm / 4.7"

Depth: 11.9cm / 4.7"

Capacity: 997ml / 33.7oz

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