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Maison Berger Aroma Scented Candle


The candle with essential oils that provide energizing benefits

The Aroma Energy Scented Candle with its Sparkling Zest scent is an ode to newfound freshness: the energy of its citrus notes drapes sensuality with the spicy scents of musk. The choice of essential oil Grapefruit promises a healthy, refreshing and invigorating.
A Polynesian lagoon, an emerald-blue sea: the Aroma Happy Aquatic Freshness scented candle is a vertiginous fall into the River Niagara, or into the depths of a Norwegian fjord. The impression of freshness emphasised by its frosted glass body is perfectly echoed in the aquatic fragrances of its candle: crispy and delectable, with notes of apple and melon; invigorating with clove extract. The presence of the essential oil of eugenol provides additional virtues: tone, stimulation, positivity and motivation. A wave of well-being, a bath of happiness... When not in use, the candle is covered with a pretty lid made of natural maple wood.
An oriental fragrance conducive to relaxation. A delicate aniseed and fruity floral heart on a warm Tonka bean and vanilla bottom. Contains essential oils of patchouli, guaiac and geranium to accentuate the balancing effect, reduce nervous tension and stress, facilitate meditation and reduce feelings of melancholy. A delicate atmosphere of extreme comfort that will decorate your home with elegance. The promise: to relax and unwind.

100% natural botanical and vegan wax (soy), without GMOs, for cleaner burning
Cotton wick specifically plaited for the format of the candle
Green and sustainable artisanal manufacturing
Fragrances created by French master perfumers, solid-poured to ensure controlled and homogeneous burning
Patented molecule to neutralize bad odors
Intense perfuming for up to 30 hours

For even burning: do not blow out the candle until the entire surface is liquid.
For a cleaner burning: before each use, adjust the length of the wick (1 cm roughly) by cutting it.
To preserve the candle: when not in use, do not expose it to temperatures that are too high.

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