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7 Items that make perfect hostess gifts

7 Items that make perfect hostess gifts

On a nearly daily basis we’re asked about ideas for hostess gifts. Naturally there are different occasions and circumstances which dictate various price points but essentially the idea of a hostess gift is to offer a small token of appreciation for hosting a dinner, event or a short stay. Here are 7 ideas which our staff has compiled.

Paper napkins

You can really personalize your choice of napkin for the person. They come in so many styles there’s something that would suit every personality and they are easy to transport. ($6.95 to $10.95 CAD)

Gurgle Pot

Offered in a wide selection of colours and various sizes, these pots really do gurgle. They can be used for serving liquids such as water at a dinner table, or as a cream jug. Many also use then as vases when they aren’t in use. ($12.95 to $44.95)

Le Creuset syrup jug

These small red jugs have a maple leaf prominently shown. Paired with a small jug of Canadian maple syrup, this is a great gift to take along when travelling out of country. ($20.00 CAD)

True North Tea Towel

Featuring many Canadian icons such as a Mountie, moose, beaver, loon and blue jay, these tea towels have been one of the hottest items of the year. A lovely gift take out of country or easy to ship for a holiday gift. ($11.95 CAD)

Peter Tracy pepper mill

Locally hand- made, these unique pieces make a truly special gift. Each piece is beautifully made from either Canadian or exotic woods. ($130.00 CAD)

Chirpy Top

From the same family as the Gurgle Pot, these sweet little birds are wine pourers that chirp as they pour. They come in a range of colours and pair nicely with a bottle of wine. ($29.95)

Swedish Dishcloth

These super absorbent dishcloths are all the rage. They come in many funky designs and are machine washable. They last for several months and are compostable when their useful life is done. ($6.99)

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